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Marumi Portable Camera Optics Cleaning Kit 4 in 1 | Japan

Better photo quality

Dust, water droplets, and smudges from accidental touches are just some of the dangers in lenses. They can all arise during the proper use of the camera and negatively affect the quality of photos. Using the Portable Cleaning Kit – a handy optics cleaning kit allows you to bring the lenses to perfect condition in a few moments, which will measurably affect the quality of photos.

By using a blower and a brush, you will get rid of dry solid dirt, such as dust, without fear of scratching the lens or filter. However, using the liquid with a cloth will help you remove fingerprints and other wet marks on the lens

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Marumi Portable Camera Optics Cleaning Kit 4 in 1 | Japan

Marumi Portable Cleaning Kit 4in1 optics cleaning kit

Pouch included

The kit includes four cleaning accessories and a case that allows you to store the Marumi Portable Cleaning Kit.

  • makes it easier to keep the optics clean
  • handy storage pouch included
  • delicate microfiber cloth (15 x 15 cm)
  • brush and blower to remove dry dirt
  • optics fluid facilitating the removal of smudges from lenses
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BrandMarumi Japan
Model NumberMarumi Optics Cleaning Kit 4 in 1
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